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The curriculum of St. Stanislaus School is aligned to learning standards established by both the State of Indiana and the Diocese of Gary.  Students receive instruction in the areas of Religion, Reading/Literature, Language Arts (English, Spelling, Phonics), Mathematics, Science, Social Studies, Technology, Physical Education, Art, and Music.


Students in grades 5-8 have semi-departmentalized classes for the core content areas.  Students in grades Pre-K – Gr. 4 are self-contained.

All students receive instruction in Physical Education, Computers, Art, and Music from special teachers.  St. Stanislaus School offers P.E. twice a week, computers, art, and music once a week

Students with Special Needs

St. Stanislaus School participates in Title I to provide additional math and reading assistance to students who qualify for the program.  After school tutoring in math and reading is also available to a limited number of children whose parents request this additional help. St. Stanislaus School also works with the School City of East Chicago to screen and test students to determination qualification for special education services and implements the ISP (Individual Service Plan) for students with special needs to the extent that we are able.  Summer School is also available each summer as an extension of the school curriculum.