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Why should I send my child to St. Stanislaus School?

The following are some reasons that our families have chosen St. Stanislaus School:
"I know that my son will be receiving an excellent education both academically and spiritually."
"I love the religious aspect in the curriculum and the family/community feeling my family feels as a member of both the school and church."
"It's a private school."
"The smaller classroom size and the amount of attention my child receives."
"My son and I both attended St. Stanislaus.  I like the small classrooms - more individual attention.  I am Catholic."
"I wanted my child to receive a Catholic education."

How do I enroll my child?

This information can be found HERE.

What are the hours of each school day?

  • Our school day begins promptly at 7:45 a.m. and it ends at 3:00 p.m. Monday-Friday.
  • Student drop off starts as early as 7:30 a.m.

Is there a dress code?

Yes.  Our school follows a uniform policy.  Uniforms must be purchased from Dennis Uniform.  Items can be purchased online or you can visit their location at 8345 Indianapolis Blvd., Highland, Indiana.

Is there after-school care?

**Currently, due to Covid-19 restrictions, there is no after-school care provided.**

What type of extra-curricular activities are available?

**Due to Covid-19 restrictions some activities have been limited and/or suspended.**
There are various extra-curricular activities available to our students:
  • Athletics (soccer, volleyball, basketball, cheerleading, track) is offered to students in grades 5-8.
  • Garden Club
  • Science Club
  • Girls On The Run
  • Student Council
  • Altar Servers

What is the best way to communicate with a teacher?

Teachers are best reached via email.  During the average school day, they are checking it at least once sometime during the day.  Teachers will respond at their earliest convenience, and when their time allows.  If it is an emergency that requires a more immediate response, it is best to contact the school office at (219) 398-1316.

How do families get informed about school activities?

Every Sunday families receive a phone call (6:15 p.m. in Spanish and 6:30 p.m. in English) from the school with information for the week.  Along with this call, the principal sends an email to parents with the same information.  Also as events (examples: school presentations, celebrations, fundraisers, field trips, Jeans Days, etc.) arise families will be notified:
  • By email
  • The Sunday phone call
  • The school's monthly calendar
  • Information will be on our website
  • Students in school will receive a flyer to take home in their folders.

What is available for parents to volunteer for?

After completing the VIRTUS training, and depending on the schedule of the parent, the following are examples of volunteering opportunities:
  • Cafeteria Supervision - This is during the school day and is a great opportunity to see your child during the day.  It involves helping to get lunches out to all the students, and making certain that the cafeteria is safe, clean and sanitized for our students.
  • Librarian - This is also during the school day and he/she is responsible for checking in/out library books.
  • Home & School Association Volunteers - A complete list is offered at the monthly meetings.  These volunteering opportunities are often after school/evening and involves assisting in events hosted by HSA.
  • Assisting with Clubs & Groups - This is often right after school, and could involve all sorts of responsibilities depending on the club you are volunteering for.
  • Field Trips - The school and/or teachers will inform parents about opportunities to join in with the class field trips.  Most trips are during the regular school hours.
  • Athletic Coach - This requires time after school and on weekends.

What are the requirements to volunteer at St. Stanislaus School?

Any adult parent/guardian must complete a criminal background check and VIRTUS certification in order to volunteer.

What is VIRTUS training?

The VIRTUS program was created by The National Catholic Risk Retention Group, Inc. (National Catholic).  It has a component called "Protecting God's Children".  This program is designed to encourage the safety and protection of children in all parishes, schools, and programs within the diocese.  This training prepares and informs all school faculty, staff, and volunteers on how to establish a safe atmosphere for children.  All adults who want to participate in school activities MUST obtain this VIRTUS certification.

What do you have to do to get your VIRTUS certification?

All volunteers are required to attend the 3-hour training along with a series of follow-up online sessions/articles that can be completed at home.  After the completion of the training, you will receive a certificate.  You will be required to show this certification to the school office for our records.

What high schools do most St. Stan's students attend?

St. Stanislaus School graduates most often attend one of the following high schools: