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St. Stanislaus Mission and Philosophy

Following Christ, Developing Minds, Building Community, Inspiring Service

Mission Statement

We, at St. Stanislaus Catholic Elementary School, are dedicated to nurturing our students to achieve academic excellence within a safe, faith-filled family environment. We work to create well-disciplined learning experiences using a variety of academic resources and technology. Our students are led to Christ by deepening their faith, building their self-worth, and encouraging their service to the community. (Revised 7/2019)

Philosophy Statement

We believe in:

➢ Integration of faith with academic learning

➢ Integration of technology in our academic program

➢ Strong standards based, academic program

➢ Values taught by and lived according to the Gospel

➢ Strong communities

➢ Diversity

➢ Keen awareness of global and justice issues

➢ Meaningful worship experienced

➢ Stewardship and service to our neighbor

➢ Opportunities which educate the whole child

➢ Intrinsic value of every person